Precision manufacturing and embedded, autonomous IoT technology make BLOCKPal pallets ideal for automated environments and equipment.

Without humans to compensate for pallet irregularities or handling errors, autonomous forklifts (and other handling equipment) require the precise and consistent pallet dimensions, wide 4-way openings, and high-friction deck surface of BLOCKPal pallets. These lightweight, durable composite pallets also reduce wear-and-tear on expensive autonomous equipment.
Robotic equipment and automated lines have very limited tolerance for pallet variations – even a single popped nail on a wooden pallet can bring a line down. RM2’s IoT-enabled BLOCKPal pallets can communicate with unit-level packaging as well as equipment, creating an intelligent, integrated, error-free line.
BLOCKPal pallets can communicate with RFID or NFC readers as well as unit-level packaging continuously and in real-time, reporting the temperature and other condition data of inbound and outbound products.
Smart racking systems can utilize BLOCKPal to communicate location, temperature, vibration, and shock events in real-time, to automated picking equipment or human personnel. With the addition of case-level tags, BLOCKPal can also communicate location and condition of products without additional infrastructure or equipment required.

Autonomous IoT

Precise Specifications
& Quality

Less Wear
on Equipment


Every BLOCKPal pallet features embedded autonomous IoT sensor technology

IoT sensor data are transmitted to the cloud via the LTE-M network, making visible the pallet’s location and condition both indoors and in transit without requiring any additional hardware or IT development

Indoor 2-way communication via 2G, LTE M, WiFi, BLE, and RFID


Maximum allowed dimensional deviation is 0.025″

Rigid material maintains structural integrity with minimal deflection on the top deck

Composite construction uses no nails

Non-shedding material does not produce dust or debris

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Weighing 55 lbs. vs. an average of 70 lbs. for other block pallets, BLOCKpal pallets are easier to handle

Made of composite material that’s stronger than steel by weight

Non-slip coating on both sides of top deck offering greater coefficient of friction in ambient environments for both product and forklift tines

4-way forklift entry